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June saw our team visiting local food producers in Campania Region. The trip was organised by the Italian Trade Commission which helps Italian and foreign businesses to connect with each other by providing information, support and advice.

Our busy schedule included visiting the production facilities, seminars and finally B2B meetings at Naples Chamber of Commerce.

The producers were:

  • Cilento: Buffalo mozzarella, ricotta producers in Cellole (Caserta)
  • Caseificio Corvino: Buffalo Mozzarella producers in Cancello Arnone (Caserta)
  • Azienda agricola Sorrentino: Wine producers in Boscotrecase (Napoli)
  • Soc. Coop. Pastai Gragnanesi: Pasta producers in Gragnano (Napoli)
  • Soc. Coop. Rivabianca: Buffalo mozzarella, scamorza producers in Paestum (Salerno)
  • Oleificio Serra Marina: Olive oil producers in Laureana Cilento (Salerno)
  • Coop. Nuovo Cilento: Olive oil producers in San Mauro Cilento (Salerno)
  • Agrioil: Olive oil producers in Roccaspide (Salerno)
  • Ital Tipici: Pasta, preserved tomatoes, olive oil producers in Buccino (Salerno)