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At Gourmet Food Club we provide insider’s view about the world’s most exciting independent food & drink brands.

We’ll guide you on a gourmet adventure to sample and explore some of the finest local and seasonal produce – showcasing the tastes, textures and fragrances of the natural world.

We are an independent team that started out in 2007 initially to sell gourmet foods to a selective group of food enthusiasts who wanted an enhanced experience of on-line shopping.  We created the Gourmet Food Club to develop imaginative ways to inspire consumers about traditional artisan foods and share our passion for the very best wine, food and drink.

Today – with our fast-growing network – we introduce quality gourmet products, share the latest in food and drink news, and engage directly with the artisan food and wine producers. Our team contributes regular reviews, interviews, video and photographic reports and features from food and wine tastings, trade events, press launches, site visits and foreign assignments.

Gourmet Food Club provides a platform for gourmet food brands, helping to introduce them into the consumer market. We support independent producers – home grown and international – to showcase their products and know-how. Our fresh ideas and information help our followers to make their choices and ignite positive word of mouth.

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