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Olio Centonze Organic Olive Oil

Amazing award winning organic olive oil from Western Sicily.

The local variety – the Nocellara of Belize – is the only olive that boasts two Italian DOP awards: for olives and for olive oil.

The Nocellara of Belize olives are distinguished by an excellent pulp and are moderate in sugars. The drupe is large, spherical, and deep green turning vinous red as it matures. The flesh is crisp and easily detached from the core. The colour is an intense green and the flavour is slightly sweet and sour with subtle spicy and bitter notes.

The organicoleptic characteristics of ‘Centonze’ olive oil are the bright green colour, the bouquet of freshly squeezed fruity olives, and a very rich, complex and aromatic composition. It has grassy notes, hints of tomato and artichoke, bitter and spice, from medium to intense.