The characteristic that makes Morelli unique among other pasta manufacturers, whether handmade or industrial, is the fact that Morelli is the only company to reintegrate wheat germ into the pasta mix. During cooking, the water takes on a greenish tinge releasing a strong wheat aroma. This ingredient is enticing in its simplicity since it adds a rich flavour to the pasta which can be savoured with nothing more than a drizzle of pure olive oil – pasta that is wholesome and unique.

Morelli produces a wide range of pasta of different varieties: durum wheat, wheat germ, egg pasta, special biological pasta, traditional products like pici pasta, flavoured pasta, and pasta gift packs. The classic pasta range extended with a wheat germ version is very popular for restaurants that like to serve customers something special with a flavour that is truly unique.

Morelli has always focussed on handcrafted quality as the main signature of their success: quality pasta made with the same techniques used for centuries combined with innovative ideas. The company has created many new versions such as quick-cook pici, pure corn starch pasta (pharmaceutical product), organic pasta with quinoa, and pasta made with rose petals.